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Ensembles for Windows 10

Windows 10 cleaner and optiizer

Optimize your PC, make it cleaner and faster  with Ensembles for Windows 10. Keep what you do on your computer  private with this security suite.

Ensembles for Windows is a set of 15 power tools that help you  remove junk and obsolete files safely and easily.

Organize and  manage Zip archives quickly and easily. Manage Audio files, find and  remove duplicate files, manage your privacy and much more.

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Feature matrix





Startup Manager

Cleaner and Optimizer

Duplicates  finder and Manager

Zip archive Manager

RAR archive Manager

Secure file  shredder


Dreadlock  Privacy

Clean Windows 10

 With an intuitive interface, Ensembles  for Windows arranges junk files that are clogging up your system in  an easy to understand manner.

You may choose to view summary information  which is arranged according to the host application or choose the  more detailed view to view files.

Ensembles for Windows allows you to select  individual files to delete or you may choose to delete groups of  files at once.

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Dreadlock Privacy v 6.0

In the age of snoopers and hackers you never know who might be  looking into your computer and everything on it. It's not just evil  people you have to worry about but you want to be mindful of the  curious person who may want to take a look now and then.

With Dreadlock Privacy, no one well intentioned or not can look  into what your are doing...


Dreadlock Privacy allows you to hide the  activity on your screen with a simple keystroke or simple mouse  click. Highly customizable, Dreadlock Privacy allows you to keep  what your do on your computer private away from prying eyes.

With Dreadlock Privacy your can...

  • Instantly hide or close the active windows or all windows  currently opened on your screen.
  • Hide the contents of the Start Bar so that no one can tell  what applications are opened.
  • Instantly clear the contents of the recently accessed  documents list.
  • Empty the contents of the Recycle Bin.
  • Instantly clear broswer's cache.
  • Launch an application or open a document, make it look like you were working on something else.
  • All this can be done with a simple keystroke or single click  of the mouse.


If you don’t want to be caught with the wrong display on screen  then try Dreadlock Privacy today.

Download Dreadlock Privacy free... Download Dreadlock Privacy   Buy Dreadlock Privacy.