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Welcome to Gneesis technologies. 

Dreadlock Privacy

Keep what you do on your computer private and away from prying eyes. In the age of snoopers and hackers you never know who may be looking into your computer. Its now just evil people you have to worry about. If you share a space with others you may not want someone to take a peep now and then.


Multi Audio Tag Editor

Powerful tag editor that supports several music file formats including mp3, flaac, wav and more. MATE can also be used to quickly change the name of your tracks according to a user-defined template. Also, you can also analyze and detect the duplicates from a chosen folder, even if they are not all audio files.

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Ensembles for Windows

To keep your PC in shape, it's necessary to regularly check the hard disk for large, unwanted files and remove them, disable certain settings that slow down the computer, and perform additional actions. Finding out the exact steps you have to take by yourself might be confusing. Ensembles for Windows 10 is a tool tailor-made for Windows 10 systemss. The program has features for cleaning and optimizing the system, managing ZIP files and startup entries, shredding and finding files, as well as configuring various Windows settings.


WindowCloser was designed specifically for tasks and it will provide users with a minimalist tool that can be used for scheduling applications, tasks, jobs or even boot operations.

Users will be able to schedule applications to terminate at a specific date and time, and also add recurrence according to a preferred calendar scheme. Furthermore, each new task can be customized in terms of name, description or even Windows user credentials.

Of course, one can also set the Windows shutdown, and the app comes pre-rigged with two more, useful features: one for defining a windows cleaner schedule and one (which is somewhat unrelated) for organizing music files by copying them to a new directory, according to sorting criteria.